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The Polymer Technology Group

The Polymer Technology Group is structured around senior scientific associates. Typically, 5 Ph. D. students and 4 Master students and administrative and technical staff complete the team.

The Education responsibilities of the Group concern the structure of the Polymer Solid State, Polymer Processing, and the interdisciplinary area of Polymer Technology.

The Group's main Research interests are processing of "intractable" polymers, friction and abrasive wear of polymers, polymer nucleation, polymer/metal systems, and semi-conducting organics.

The experimental facilities of the Group include equipment for small-scale processing and characterization of polymers.

In a microphotograph gallery are Material Images of our research for your enjoyment - and use, with reference to ETH Zürich, Polymer Technology.

New Book

If you want to understand polymers and their properties from the ground up, you must deal with their chemistry.

Kunststoffchemie für Ingenieure (German)

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